8 Tips For Newbies To Hair Coloring

Newbies to hair coloring have to extra precautions to protect their hair. An inexperienced dye job could leave your hair brittle and with poor coloring. If you are new to dying your hair, here are some tips to ensure you get the color you want without damaging your hair. 

  1. Try a wig first. Before you purchase your hair dye, find a wig in the color you want and test it out. Wearing the wig gives you a chance to see how the color looks before you dye it. 
  2. Buy more than one box. A single box might not be sufficient enough to properly dye your hair. If you discover you do not have enough dye after you have started, you could end up with uneven shades. If you have medium to long hair, buy at least two or three boxes. 
  3. Apply a hair mask. A hair mask helps to provide moisture to your hair. The process of dyeing can severely dry out your hair. To counter that, apply a mask the day before you dye your hair.
  4. Avoid the pool. The pool can be your hair's worst enemy when it comes to coloring. The chlorine in the water tends to strip your hair cuticles. As a result, the color does not "take" as it should. Skip the pool festivities for at least a couple of weeks before dyeing your hair. 
  5. Skip the shampooing. Your instinct might be to shampoo your hair before dyeing it, but avoid doing it. Your hair has oils that can help protect it from the irritation that sometimes occurs with dyeing. 
  6. Be prepared to switch shampoo and conditioner. Unless the hair cleaning products you are using are specifically marked to use with colored hair, you will need to switch. To get the best one for your hair, consult with a hair stylist. 
  7. Use the dye during business hours. If you get into trouble while dyeing your hair, you want to be able to reach a specialist. The customer service provided by the hair dye manufacturer is most likely open only during business hours. 
  8. Soak your head before swimming. After you have dyed your hair, you need to avoid pools and saltwater for at least a couple of weeks. When it is safe to get back in the water, soak your hair in tap water first. The water works to close your cuticles and protect them from chlorine and salt. 

To get the best results, consider having your hair properly dyed the first time. A professional colorist like one from Town and Country Salon can help you find the color that works for you and safely dye your hair.