Three Reasons To Get Your Child's Ears Pierced At A Tattoo Parlor

A tattoo parlor may not be the first place you think of when it comes to getting your child's ears pierced, but there are several reasons it should be. If you are considering getting your little one's ears pierced for the first time, here are a few reasons to consider having it done at a tattoo shop instead of at your local shopping mall.

Sterile Materials

Mall jewelry stores tend to use piercing guns, which are easy to use but are difficult to sterilize properly. Piercing guns do not have replaceable needles, which means the same needle is used to pierce everyone's ears. Tattoo parlors, on the other hand, pierce with sterile needles. The people working in tattoo shops are trained to provide a safe, sterile environment for all body modifications. Tattoo artists have to be licensed, which requires training and knowledge about preventing infection and disease. For example, Minnesota requires proof of training regarding blood-borne pathogens, infection control and disease transmission prevention. Choosing a licensed tattoo shop for your child's piercing can provide added peace of mind, and be sure to look for licensing from the state board of health that is posted clearly on the tattoo shop walls.

Individual Attention

Mall jewelry stores use piercing guns in part because they are quick, which means they can service a lot of customers in a short amount of time. Some jewelry stores offer piercing for free, which may explain the need for speed. While you may pay more at a tattoo shop, you are paying for the individual attention that comes from hiring a professional. The person handling the piercing will help your child to feel more comfortable before the piercing begins, and he or she will take the time to ensure the job is performed correctly. This individual attention will help to make the ear piercing process a positive one.


Professional tattoo artists who provide piercing services can help advise you about proper aftercare, including proper cleaning techniques and what signs to look for if your child's ears become infected. The tattoo artist can also remove earrings from an infected ear properly to minimize pain or damage. Unlike a mall jewelry store employee, a professional tattoo artist has the knowledge and training to provide help with problems that might arise from piercings.

When it's time to get your child's ears pierced, ditch the mall and do some research about tattoo shops like Jimi's Tattoo & Body Piercing in your area. Look for a licensed professional who can provide individualized care and a safe, sterile piercing experience.