How To Take A Poncho From Dressy To Boho

Ponchos are one of those extremely versatile pieces of clothing that you can wear anywhere, from the office to a music festival. The key is to choose a poncho in a neutral tone, like beige or black, and one that's made from a high-quality material like cashmere or silk. Once you have that poncho in the closet, start experimenting with different ways to wear it! Here are four ideas to serve as inspiration.

The Boho Look

This look is perfect for an outdoor concert or music festival. You can even wear it casually around town with friends. Pair your poncho with a pair of cut-off shorts. Plain jean shorts with a little fraying on the edges work well, but you can choose colored jean shorts if you want to add a little brightness to your look. Wear a cami or loose tee under your poncho for a bit of modesty, and accentuate the neckline with a funky beaded necklace. Don a pair of gladiator sandals, and you're set to go.

Late Night Chic

Are you heading out for some drinks with the girls or a nice dinner with your partner? This look will have you looking classy, yet unique. Start with a tightly-fitted pencil skirt that comes about to your knees. Pair it with a long-sleeve, close-fitting top in a contrasting color, and then layer on the poncho. A pair of sexy stilettos will balance out your look, and some nice pearl or diamond earrings are the icing on the cake.

Office Appropriate

If you work in an office where business casual is the preferred dress, your poncho is about to become one of your go-to pieces. It will keep you feeling cozy on those cold winter days or when the air conditioning is turned up too high. A pair of fitted, taper-leg dress pants and a simple button-up blouse (one without a pronounced collar) look right at home under a cashmere poncho. Conservative pumps and a simple chain necklace bring the look together.

Casual Weekend

This is the kind of outfit you wear to the grocery store or your child's soccer game when you want to feel comfortable without looking messy. Pull on a pair of comfortable yoga pants and a plain, long-sleeve tee. Top it off with the poncho, and slip on some causal ballet flats or clogs. There's no need to accessorize this outfit, but a plain silver bangle bracelet will add a touch of casual bling if you want to look a little more upscale.