I Do! A Guide To Getting Married In Las Vegas

If you and the love of your life are thinking about running off to Las Vegas to get married, or if it's something you have been planning on doing for some time, it can be quite an exciting moment. Las Vegas is one of the most popular places in the United States to vacation, gamble, dine, and yes, get married! Before you hop on an airplane to say your vows, here's a few things to keep in mind. 


Getting a marriage license in Las Vegas is extremely easy to do and there is no waiting period. You can even download and print the license online, but you still must bring it to the county office in person and provide a valid form of identification. Only those of adult age (over 18) can apply for a marriage license unless they happen to have written parental consent. Be prepared to wait a while if it's a busy holiday or you happened to show up in Las Vegas during their "peak" wedding season! Lots of people love to visit Vegas and get hitched. 

Pick a Wedding Location

There are plenty of wedding chapels to choose from in Las Vegas. You can select from a traditional church to a full-on Elvis-themed chapel complete with an Elvis impersonator! The choice is yours, but it's best to visit a few of the many facilities in advance to get a feel for what kind of wedding you want, and to see if you can be scheduled. Some of the Vegas chapels offer additional services other than just performing the wedding ceremony. These services can include a professional photographer, flowers, the wedding music of your choice, and even clothes for you to wear. Take a look at a few places (such as A Little White Wedding Chapel) and get pricing before you make your final decision.

Enjoy Your Trip

After you've tied the knot at your awesome, Elvis-filled wedding ceremony, have a great time while you're staying in Las Vegas. There are plenty of amazing and fun things to do in this city, so why not take your honeymoon at the same time? You can choose from so many options when it comes to hotels and dining. The number of restaurants ranging from high-end gourmet to a casual buffet is plentiful. You can also relax by the pool, do some casual shopping, and, of course, spend some time in one of the many different casinos gambling. Look for special discounts some casinos and hotels may offer to newlyweds who choose to get married in Vegas. You will certainly have a wedding and a trip together that both of you will never forget!