Dying Your Hair Can Update Your Look Quickly And Easily

If you think that it is time to make a change in the way your hair looks, you may want to consider dying it. There are many different options available when it comes to dying your hair, and taking the time to learn about them all will allow you to make an informed decision about which option is best for you. Use the following guide to learn the basics of hair dye.

Permanent Hair Dye

Permanent hair dye is hair dye that changes the color of your hair forever. As new hair grows in, it will be the color of your natural hair, but the parts that were dyed will stay the new color that you dyed them. Permanent hair color can only be changed by stripping the color from your hair or dyeing it another color.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Semi-permanent hair dye is a dye that only stays on your hair for a short period of time. Every time you wash your hair, a little bit of the dye washes away with it. The color will slowly fade over time until it is completely gone from your hair.

Allover Color

Allover color is a dye that is applied over your entire head and changes the color of all of your hair. Allover coverage is ideal for someone who has a lot of gray hair that they want to color. Allover color can be applied in permanent or semi-permanent options.


Highlighting the hair requires small strips of hair to be lightened a few shades lighter than the rest of the hair. Highlights add dimension to the hair and can make it look completely different than it does when it is just one solid color.


Lowlights are usually a brown or red shade of color. They also add dimension to hair, but are often used in conjunction with allover color and highlights. By using all three together, your hair will shimmer when the light hits it and it will look multifaceted.

Now you know the ins and outs of hair dying and can make an informed decision about which option you think best suits your needs. You can meet with a stylist at a hair salon and let him or her know what you are considering and have them show you the color options that are available. They will be able to start dyeing your hair right away so you can get the new look you want as soon as possible. (For more information, go to http://houseofbiancodayspa.com)