Have The Changing Seasons Got You Down? Fight Spring Fever With A Trip To The Spa.

Has the long winter taken a toll on your mood? For people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder and some forms of Spring Fever, the tumultuous weather can cause an inner turmoil that may seem to last forever. If you are experiencing either of these forms of depression, the change in seasons can be dizzying as well as exhausting. Did you know that a trip to the spa may be just what the doctor ordered? Here are some spa services that can brighten your mood.


Sometimes, a good haircut can make a world of difference. A new look can often provide a renewed outlook on life, and the feeling of running your fingers through your hair after a good haircut can bring a sense of accomplishment and contentment. In order to experience the full benefit of getting your hair cut, make sure to have the stylist wash your hair as well. They have shampoo that will not only improve the quality and texture of your hair, but invigorate your senses as well.


While it is never recommended to spend hours a day in the tanning bed, a few minutes of red light therapy may be just what you need to improve your mood. If the grey skies and blustery weather are causing you to be depressed, this new form of tanning bed offers many health benefits, such as improved skin tone and relief from sore muscles, without the risk of using UV rays.


It may still be a bit early in the season for flip-flops, but giving your feet a makeover may be a great way to brighten your mood as well. Heavy winter shoes and scratchy socks can cause your feet to become dry, cracked, and calloused. A good pedicure can help to get rid of some of that dead skin, making your feet feel more comfortable. This may also help with restlessness at night, because your heels will not be scratching against the sheets.


Probably the most common and effective spa treatment for addressing seasonal depression is massage. There are many types of massage therapy available that have been proven to reduce muscle strain, stress, and fatigue. Many different kinds of massage can be used in combination with aromatherapy, which can also be a powerful tool at relieving anxiety and depression. 

If the change in the seasons has you down, don't just sit at home and suffer. A spa day at a place like Flair Hairstyling Inc may be just what the doctor ordered to lift your spirits and improve your mood.